A wide selection of beautiful and edible plants for the kitchen and garden.

Tlf: 2061 8281
Mail: mail@stendemose.dk
WWW: stendemose.dk
Supply.nr.: 50202

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Gartneriet Lammehave produces Carnivorous – such as Sarracenia, Dionaea, Nephenthes etc, as well as many different Passiflora

Tlf: 6262 1091
Supply.nr.: 50825

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The nursery of Vestdal produce a series of beautiful ornamental plants that can stand or hang both indoors or out. including Ceropegia, Senecio, Parthenocissus.

Tlf: 2887 5320
Mail: vestdal@vestdal.dk
WWW: vestdal.dk
Supply.nr.: 50566

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The nursery of Kildegaarden produce Hydrangea in different sizes as well as Cyclamen, Rhodohypoxis og Calluna though these primarily as mini plants.

Tlf: 6590 1365
Mail: info@kildegaardens.dk
WWW: kildegaardens.dk
Supply.nr.: 52391

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The nursery of Råhøj offer several different types of ornamental plants, both for indoors and outside. The different kinds include Trifolium Repens, Oxalis, Orostachys and Sedum.

Tlf: 8628 0063
Mail: mail@rahoj.dk
WWW: rahoj.dk
Supply.nr.: 80062

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The Nursery of Paul Riber specializes in a wide selection of decorative plants.
Incl. Campanula, Anthurium, Helichrysum.

Including: Campanula Poscharskyana, Anthurium Scherzerianum, Helichrysum Bracteatum og flere.

Tlf: 6618 8054
Mail: 50272@mail.dk
Supply.nr.: 50272